Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 wedding color trends!

Hello again,

The wedding color trends for 2010 are the monochromatic palettes . All the vibrant colors like Orange, green, yellow, and pink, metal colors like Gold, silver(yes silver,mcm my baju kahwin in shangri-la,hehe), copper, pewter and of course BLACK!

U can also refer to this color wheel for more color combination !


Yellow and blue or yellow and black (ta , this is for u!)

sweet Pink and brown

Till then...


More Damask!

Helloo..i just cant get enough of damask..look at this classic black and white combination..cantik kannn..n tgh yg d tgh2 gorgeous the "pelamin" kan.. simple tapi sangat cantik!

The wedding gown sangat2 lah cantik and actually u can add a black lace at the the edge of the gown then trace and patch sikit white lace dkt atas tu..o my god i can imagine!

But for those yg x boleh pakai blck and white u blh pakai juga blue and brown with damask print or blue n white mcm dlm gmbar d bwh ni..tapiiii..for me damask black n white tetap menjadi pujaan hatiku..hehhe

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Im so excited!

OMG! Lots of New stock are coming!!Im so excitedd!n semuanya comel2 belaka!so stay tuned k!!

P/s:Currently busy dealing with x sabar mau post..hehe..


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Im in loovvee with Damask Wedding Theme!

Helloo!!do u know tht damask wedding theme sangggggatt popular right now!sayangnya time my wedding i cannot use this theme sbb my mum didnt allow me to use black time wedding tu..sedihnyaa..bad luck katanya~ so terpaksa lah ikut .. but untuk sesiapa yg modern dan berani mencuba damask theme ni sangatlah modern , stylish and org ckp " ada class" tapi kena lah pandai arrange so that the decoration tdk terlalu semak .. So here are a few damask ideas tht u can adopt !

If u need this as ur souvenir just let me know i akan try carikan and give u the quotation ya!

So ni ja pic yg blh i bg for now...untuk wedding di Kota Kinabalu , sabah yg tercinta ni rasanya blm banyak yg buat concept damask apa salahnya mencuba ( kalau parents bagi lah ya) he he ..

Till then..


Kotak Bunga telur or Muffin!

This is the box I used on my wedding day . :D

Min Order : 300 pcs

Price : Pls sms me for the price!

Size : 7 cm x 5 cm

Color : White only ( u can request other color with min purchase of 2000 )

Price : Pls sms me to know the price!

Min Order : 100 pcs

Gift Boxes!

Cute Tuxedo black and white dress box

Code : tux&gown 0011

Size : 6cm x 6 cm x 6cm

Min : 100 pcs

Price : Sms me for the price !

isnt this cute!

Code : carriage 0010

Min Order : 100

Price : Sms Me for the price!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Very first Post!


people!OMG i cant believe im writing my own blog..haha nda pernah terfikir okey~But this is not about my personal life lah...

I am currently in love with wedding planning..engagement and apa2 yang berkaitan dengan benda2 yang cantik dan menarik..
Actually it started when i was planning for my wedding , doing a lot of research , survey2 and the list goes on..mmg memenatkan but when it comes to the actual day,terasa sangat berbaloi and plus my family , relatives and friends yang sangat helpful in every way.So alhamdullilah im so thankful that everything berjalan dengan lancar and i want to share my special moment here with u as mukadimmah and pembukaan for this blog yang mana a lot of services,advice on weddings , engagement and events will be featured here later.So for those who are planning to get married this year or next year or bila2 la kan , u can start viewing this blog and i'll try to update as often as i can with new things , ideas and lots more!

So at the moment just enjoy this pic of mine ! Totally love it!

My Superfriends!Love em

Aku & Dia

Dress & Veil : Hazree Wahid couture

Accecories : Sendiri ok

Make up : Deq Sha

2nd Day ( Both above and below pic )

Me : Rizman Ruzaini

Groom : Profimo Equtorial hotel KL

Make Up : Deq Sha

Accessories : My Own ( blh rent the accessories tau , will upload more accessories soon !)

3rd Day at Magellan Sutra

Dress : Rizman Ruzaini

Suit : Wardrobe

Headgear : Rizman Ruzaini

Accessories : My Own

Make up : Deq Sha