Monday, September 19, 2011



Blog ni lama x dpt update ..been very very busy lately with all the pelamin n hantaran.Alhamdulillah rezeki semakin bertambah.Thank u so much for ur support.So here are some of the pelamin we did .. for those of u who still havent " LIKE" our facebook fanpage.. u r most welcome to do so..hehe :) just search for " ur wedding story " n like the page ya. Thanxxx



Cik Hernie said...

i love all of 'them'!!

Your Wedding Story said...

thank u ms hernie :)

Cik Hernie said...

may i ask, pelamin for eita @ lembah impian bulan 11 tu, is that the bride name is Nur Faezah Najmuddin?

Your Wedding Story said...

Ermm not sure pula her full name..i tau nama dia eita ja..